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I was doing some research on parasite treatments when I came across this thread that I'm sure most of you recognize: Discounting all of the other trains of thought presented and focusing on the delivery methods suggested for the two medications, the one that seems to me like the easiest to regulate would be an ivermectin/propelyne glycol solution (made using powered ivermectin Ivermectin Powder - 12 oz.: Kitchen & Dining and pure propelyne glycol) administered to the back of the frog. The dropper would need to be calibrated and the concentration adjusted to deliver in a drop or two the 4mg/kg as suggested by Dr. Wright. Does anyone see any complications with this? I'm not trying to dredge up anything that was previously discussed, I just want to make sure I am correct in my thinking that the method suggested is a good treatment. I know from the thread I referenced that many people still prefer panacur, so I guess this post is mostly intended for the ivermectin supporters as I have already decided which medication I prefer due to controllability of the dosage. I also understand that when applied to the back of the frog, not all of the ivermectin will be absorbed, but at least there is a uniform dosage that should, at least in theory, equate to a uniform absorption, whatever fraction of the dosage amount that is.
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