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Best and worst!!

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What is the best and worst!

Ground covers





Spray foams


Drift woods

Anything that has to do with a build.

What works and what doesn't!
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Ground covers- Pilea "Creeping Charlie"

Vining Plant-Peperomia glabela or Pep. "Red Stem"

Bushy Plant-Philodendron "wendimbe"

Easy Plant-Aglanoema or Spathiphyllum (both make good egg-deposition sites too)

Backgrounds-GS: sculpted and covered with fine peat

Tanks-Bowfront Aquariums

Spray foams-I prefer the Red can of GS, just use conservatively!

Glues-GE I and Gorilla Glue

Drift woods-Malaysian

Hides-Cork Bark Tubes

Drainage layer-Hydroton or Eggcrate (depending upon the situation)

Substrate-ABG mix amended with lots of decomposing oak leaves

Leaf Litter-Magnolia/Live Oak mix

Misting Water-Distilled

Isopods-Dwarf Grey


Lighting-EcoSmart Full-Spectrum CFL 27-Watt (100W) Full Spectrum Craft CFL Light Bulb-ES5M827FS at The Home Depot
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You mean Hydroballs? They are basically the same as Hydroton, only require a bit more rinsing and are darker. :confused: I like the way those look better, honestly. Both Hydroballs & Hydroton are an expanded clay substrate... I don't really see the difference. I'll take ZM Hydroballs over gravel any day.
I agree that they look so much better than the red hydroton, very natural, just wish they were cheaper. The smaller size makes them great for adding to substrates also.
Anyone got a product that was a waste of money?
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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