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Best and worst!!

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What is the best and worst!

Ground covers





Spray foams


Drift woods

Anything that has to do with a build.

What works and what doesn't!
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Aquarium Fish Tank-Best
Egg Create-Best
Zoomed's Hydrogen Balls-Worst
You think clay is the worst substrate? I have never heard anybody say that before. A good, calcium enriched, clay substrate is generally considered the best substrate you can possibly give your frogs. The only real drawback being that it is labor intensive to make and nobody offers it pre-made.
Clay as a BG.
You mean Hydroballs? They are basically the same as Hydroton, only require a bit more rinsing and are darker. :confused: I like the way those look better, honestly. Both Hydroballs & Hydroton are an expanded clay substrate... I don't really see the difference. I'll take ZM Hydroballs over gravel any day.

Worst Substrates: "Organic potting soil", straight coconut fiber, and straight peat.
Just had a bad experience with them LOL. When I 1st started out I made a mess of them. The bag was so dusty and I didnt know they can be kept for a long time. I also thought you were suppose to keep water with them at the bottom of the tank. BIG ROOKIE MISTAKE. KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! G.I. JOE......
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Biggest waste of money? Boxes of dried moss. All day long.
I love the Reptifogger lol.

Damn near anything you can buy from a pet store is a waste of money, because some of the same stuff you can buy at Home Depot/Lowes. However we have to support the pet shops a little.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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