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Hey everyone this may be a stupid question. I was talking with a friend about my frog hobby and told her what types of plants I like to put in my vivs. The next day she gave me a ton of begonias from a nursery where her husband works at. My question is, has anyone used these types of begonias in a viv? From my experience I never seen any in vivs, but im just curious to see what others input is. If not im probably just gonna plant them in my front yard! LOL!

Thanks for your input.


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Need some input. lol!:D
I haven't. Try it and see what happens! You may find they like a drying out period in between waterings like the rest of them do.

I like the more unusual kinds, but I bet those put off more flowers. If you like pretty flowers more than pretty foliage, go with those. Otherwise try the terrarium types.
Those are Begonia semperflorens, the common bedding begonias you see everywhere out here. The darker leaved ones like more light, the green ones take more shade. The only problem I can see is they might rot with the higher humidity, but no harm in giving it a shot. Also those are treated like annuals and tossed after a few months, they start to look pretty ragged.
I think what you will see with these is that that the leaves will drop if the plant doesnt rot all together,

Replacing them will be leaves more appropriate for the new environment. Id also guess they will be thinner and weaker at the same time from the higher humidity.

They all like full sun but I think Bonnie is right that the greens will tolerate a little more shade. Ill also note that Begonia semperflorens get HUGE! I have seen some colonies well over a foot wide and over a foot tall!

No harm in trying tho.

I bought a big potted plant primarily because i liked begonias and i tried one in there. It ended up attempting to drop all the leaves and the plant itself was falling apart. It was only a small part of the hanging basket but i took it out already until i replace the bulbs on my tank. I think it wanted more light and it wasnt getting it yet. I still think it's worth a shot.

If they will actually grow back leaves that are more suited for the tank ill definitely try it. I think the daily mistings were killing this one. Ill have to put it somewhere where it wont get as wet.

Rule of thumb.. Begonia do not like getting their leaves wet..atleast in terrariums, they also do not like having their feet wet all the time.

I think if anyone wants to try to keep Begonia semperflorens alive in vivarium, they should have intense lighting.. most likely a T5 HO, really good drainage and good airflow.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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