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If I could only have one species of frog, I'd agonize for awhile but hard to imagine I'd land anywhere other than imitator.

They are bold, beautiful, have interesting behaviors, and are quite hardy. The standard "green" morph is probably my single favorite frog, although another great thing about the species is the incredible variety of stunning color morphs.

If you have some background experience with herps, or aquarium fish, it's probably not an unreasonable starting place. If you're totally green to keeping animals in small cages, going with a Dendrobates would be safer, but you could plunge into Ranitomeya if your eyes are wide open.

If you get froglets, be wary of the risk of "loving them to death." They kinda just need a good, secure home with the right parameters, good cover, and lots of springtails, and then they thrive with a bit of benign neglect. For gods sake DONT rummage around every day and try to see them. That's maybe the biggest thing experienced froggers have over people new to the hobby - the confidence to trust their setup and let the frogs come out on their own terms.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts