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I don't want to burst your bubble but I would strongly reconsider a different frog choice such as tinctorius, auratus or lecus. Why? Rainotemya depending on the class are territorial and require a lot more carefulness and observation. Also to reiterate what people said rainitomeya aren't as bold as larger obligates. I have owned several pairs of ranitomeya imitators and they are great frogs after you have experience and care behind your belt. Again I would consider something better (like the frogs mentioned above) to handle first. Perhaps work on your experience and then step into thumbnails rather than end up with stressed/ dead frogs.

About Arena Blanca I would say from what I have heard they can range from super shy to moderately bold. I have some right now being raised as tadpoles so hopefully I can acclimate them better from froglets. I plan on making their tank very heavy planted as well as constructing a background with the tank sides fully covered as well . I think tincs make excellent frogs just due to their boldness and hardiness as frogs in general. I think arena blanca are going to be hopefully a more relaxed thumbnail than my imitators but, who knows maybe they show some more aggression or who knows.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts