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Hi every one. I would like to introduce my self, my name is tom and i live in Pa. I hope i don't get bother some with my n00b questions but i guess i will have to ask them some time. Well I am building my first vivarium, Its 24 by 28 by 12. I have wood sunken into the back with the expanding foam, sillicon, co-co bedding back. I have a humidifier hooked up to it. It has a false bottom with the PCV, egg crate,gravel and i want to use some thing like bedabeast or some thing like that for the substrate if that will work good? and its going to have a small water run off and a pool in it. and it will have probably an all screen top or maybe a middle section of acrylic for strength and to help aid humidity.

my questions are what kind of plants can i put in there that aren't that trouble some. I been reading abit and read that bomiliads rot and that scares me because i don't want this to be a hard thing to maintain. Where are the best places to get bromiliads and other plants other then Blackjungle only offers one kind of moss, is that an exceptionally good moss?

I wanted to get the book Keeping Poisonius Frogs by Jerry G. Walls, is that a good book, any other recomindations?

I want to establish a mini spring tail colony inside the vivarium before the frogs are introduced because i think its a neat consept, is that a hard task, does any one have any info one that?

When the vivarium gets established to my likings and i am ready to get some PDF's what can you all suggest that would use the back to climb, i didn't angle the stuff as much as i should have now that i look back at it I mean its pretty angled but still idk how well PDF's can climb. I was thinking of vents, even tho they aren't the best begginer frog, but i think they are prettier then the auratus, tincs and luecs. But i am wide open to suggestions.

I have two 60 watt spiral lights, would that be good enough if i keep them on for the recomended 12 hours?

Sry this is very long but any questions that can be answerd will be highly appriciated thanks alot and i hope that i am not to bother some.

Thanks alot,

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Oh come now, noob questions are never bothersome.

Any tropical plants you like pretty much can be grown in the terrarium, as long as conditions are right. Pothos, aroids, ferns, broms, orchids, and others are all good plants to use. Bromeliads cannot be kept moist on the roots, however they like water in their stocks. Their are many types of broms which work well: Neoregelia are the most common, along with cryptanthus,and sometimes the other, more common ones (can't think of the names). A good place to get plants I think is, although I haven't ordered from them, they have good prices, and a great selection. I usually get my plants from nurseries around here, but make sure you rinse them off very well.

Never read that book

Springtails will flourish in moist climates with plenty of dead/dying plants/leaves. I have a good colony going in my viridis cage, which I didn't even start, go figure. You can feed them fish food, and they love it.

Vents are the best beginners out of the thumbnails from what I hear. I am going to get some very soon. I haven't got a lot of dart experience, I mainly keep mantella's right now, and 2 d. auratus. I hear that vents are like tanks though, indestructible. It is hard to find information about them, but just ask around, some people know how to keep them. I personally like vents more than tincs also, because I like smaller frogs. D. azureus are very beautiful though, you might want to check into them.

Your 60 watt spiral lights should be fine, just make sure that the heat isn't going to be a problem. They are compact flourescent, right? I am just using regular flourescent lighting, i think like 15 watt bulbs, and my plants do good, however they do not grow FAST. I like them to grow slow, so they don't outgrow the tank. Higher lighting will benefit the plants more than the frogs, since most frogs live under the canopy in the wild.

If you have further questions, just ask, people are always willing to answer. ALso, do good research on the specific species you decide to choose. Temps are very important, as well as humidity. It is a good idea to have air circulation in the tank, such as a screen lid, but, don't overdo it. Too much will dry it out too fast. Try doing about 15 percent of the lid as "breathable". What type of humidifier, make sure it is ultrasonic or cool mist. The others may make it to warm. Also, do not use straight tap water, as it contains harmful chemicals which can prove fatal to frogs. I have heard if you run an air stone in water for a few days, it will evaporate the chemicals out. ALso, fish tank water works well, or dechlorinizers, such as stress coat for fish tanks. GOod Luck with your frogs, and when you finish your tank, get some pictures up here. We all love to see peoples tanks.

Ed parker
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