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Before taking the plunge into such a large tank, I would invest in 1 or 2 10 gallon aquariums. You should be able to get one set up and going very inexpensively.

You will learn more from this first aquarium than you will from a lot of research. We often recommend this solution to many people.

It will be less heart breaking to make a mistake on a 10 gallon tank, than a large 4' one.

tuthelimit said:
I suggest you spend as much time as possible reading about darts. This forum is a great resource. The more prepared you are before you get the darts the less snags you'll find along the way. Its nice to see you went looking for advice before buying any frogs.

Having more than 1 type of frog may sound appealing at first, but once you get your frogs and really start watching them, I think you'll be content with terriblis.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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