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Before I become a Moss Murderer - ID's & help needed!

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A month and a half ago I was on a trip to Norway, and seeing the variety and availability of moss there (practicly growing on the sidewalks by the square foot) I grabbed some from each town we stopped at.

We returned home, and i put the mosses on coco husk (the coarse stuff, not coir) and watered with tap (oh the humanity, i know >.<)

In the meanwhile some have browned up and some remained green, then an idea popped in my head, I should ID these mosses, and than i'll know what i'm doing wrong! So here we are, i took pictures of the mosses and hopefully you'll be able to help me out :)

Some info: I live in a mediterranean climate, so winters aren't reall cold and summers are scortching hot. Best water available for the mosses is from the fridge, as they are filtered by a coco/active charcoal unit. Most pictures are taken in my frogless vivarium, from which i've emptied the java moss that poorly covered the floor. Substrate is coco coir mixed with peat. In the background Peperomia Prosrata can be seen.

Now, here are the mosses! :D

Type 1, really low and velvet-y feeling.

Type 2, the units resemble stars. I have 1 piece still green, the others browned although conditions are similar.

Type 3, that a 3 by 4 inch piece, most is bright green, some brown has started.

Type 4, grassy looking, most of it is bright green, some tips have browned.

The big mass in the back is Type 5, there are some strands of a different plant in it, Type 6. In the front is Type 7.

Type 7 up close.

Type 8, used to be more green. at some point i didn't water enough and tips became white. oops...

Type 9, Ferny looking, used to be all green, now not so. The box under my hand has Type 9 in it mostly. Substrate is coarse coco.

Type 10, very thin leaves, used to be greener.

Norwegian Sphagnum (?) + Type 2 in the right side and center, Type 10 on the left. I've put it on peat so the Sphagnum will grow.

Closeup on a Sphagnum "head"

If you need another picture of anything or in different light/focus, just ask and i'll upload as soon as i see you reply.

Thanks alot!
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Did you have any customs trouble? Or is that not an issue over there
Nope, they might have overlooked it altogether.
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