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Bastis Bought at Frog Day

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Here are a couple of pics. One is of the two jewels I bought at Frog Day. The Basti on the left is about 3 years old and is calling. Somehow this newbie ended up with a 2-month old froglet (to the right). Seems to be doing fine; saw it eat a melo this morning.

Also bought a third orange and white Basti about 3-4 months old.

First Bastis. Just hope they make it.

Thanks for looking.



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If you decide to sell these please let me know as I really didn't want to sell that male

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That male was a special frog in my collection :) on a good note the male i kept and my female gave me a suprise to froglets coming out of the broms so not as upset as I was ... sad to see a frog go ... But it was lonely here .....Sold it so it would have a better life I guess . Ed thanks for the visiting pass :) didnt realize you were so close keep in touch :)
Just an update to let my friends know that all three Bastis are doing just fine.
Do you see them out and active usually? If not add LOTS more plants and broms, it looked kinda bare in there for pumilio to me.

EDIT: Here's a tank I put a pair of blue jeans in :D :

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Thanks for the advice on the broms. I will certainly heed your advice. Eldorados, though, don't seem to need the broms. Was misting the tank and one hopped onto my hand! He just sat there until I gently coaxed him off. Wife is beginning to accept escapee FFs in the house, but free running darts, well...(lol).

I bought a Patricia first last September, but the wife never "took" to it, but these "little gems" have really captivated her. She's even named them all (all the Eldorados start with "El")! Personally, I am captivated by even the FFs, springtails and isopods. So very glad to have found this hobby, particularly since I have been battling some health issues.

Thank you all for all your support and patience! Ed
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