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Back into the vivarium game

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Hello dendroboarders, after a year disappearing, I’m back into the vivarium building and this time, I’m getting a dart frog. Already build a viv, so many questions and having a problem to solve before getting one in, but first I’ll share my build journey.
I’m to planning to get either a tinc. azureus or an oyapok
This probably will be a long post.

About 2 months ago i already buying things to build the vivarium. I’m reusing the 18 cube since thats the very bare minimum for getting a dart frog from what i research in here and planning getting only one frog.

Extinction Jaw Organism Wood Art

To fill the negative space, i found this driftwood which have a unique shape like ramp for frogs to climb. I want to maximize the floor space and the driftwood cover around 5 percent
Rectangle Wood Road surface Flooring Gas

For background, i use tree fern panels, quite ugly but easily apply than using a sprayfoam and carve and putting silicone
Wood Rectangle Art Picture frame Artifact

This is my hardscape at its best but decided to not use the driftwood on the left side because I accidentally drop it and break it into pieces.

Plant Houseplant Flowerpot Terrestrial plant Organism

Completed vivarium and planted 2 weeks ago
Plants in:
Philodendron “malay gold”
Neoregelia fireball
Monstera adansonii
Raphidophora tetrasperma
Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Organism Houseplant

This is the vivarium 2 weeks after. I have a feeling that the Raphidophora need to get out and replace it with either another monstera or the malay gold or just the simple pothos.

The viv consists :-
-18 cube exo terra
-Modified top screen, change it with glass top, 1 inch front and 1inch rear.
-Lighting, I’m using a standard 2x aquarium led light
  • 1.5 inch drainage layer with a pipe to drain water at front
  • 1 inch substrate, gradually slope to the back
  • thick layer of durian leaf litter, boiled and sanitize.
  • A misting system, set to 20 sec mist with 6 hour interval.
-A coco hut under the driftwood ( the tetrasperma was so big it blocked it in the picture.)
- Seeded with springtails.

1. Should i reduce the lighting to one led light?, since i feel like its too bright.

2. Supplement
Is the exo terra calcium + d3 good for dart frogs?.
I read that the repashy calci plus is great standalone supplement, if so can i use this as the only supplement?.

3. Feeding
How frequent you guys feed them?.
Is it ok to feed them once a week?.

Problems I’m facing
Right now, Malaysia is under a deadly heatwave, the temp in the vivarium is 34 to 36 celsius at day and and constant 34c at night ( about above 90 degrees) which in my understanding, deadly to dart frogs in a long term. Is standing fan enough to cooldown the vivarium or should i invest a computer fan to cool the viv.
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there are not many frogs that do well by themselves.
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36 celsius
=97F. That temp could be expected to kill a dart frog in a couple hours. If the local climate runs this warm, and the room isn't reliably air conditioned, I think it would not be a good idea to keep darts.
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That’s why I’m trying to solve the heating problem before getting darts. Not gonna risk bringing them home and roast them alive.
Yep. And that's why I recommended air conditioning. :)
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What would happen if you used ice water in your misting system?
Well, when my AC quits and it is 97F in my house, and I run the shower cold and jump in, I freak out, get an epic headache, and the temp of the air in the room doesn't change. So probably that would happen.

A frog is small enough (a couple grams) that its body temp might be pretty substantially changed for a few minutes after a cold misting. That would not be a good thing.
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