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I found eggs yesterday and left them there over night. This morning i switched lids and took a look at the eggs. 3 bad ,3 good and this being the first cluth this pair have laid. I'm not expecting too get any frogs from the first couple batch's but it would be nice. :lol: My questuion is does coconut bedding that gets in the egg jelly cause any kind of problem if you cant remove it all? Also there was some spring tails near the eggs on the lid they must have hopped in there would they ever cause in trouble for the eggs?

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Congrats! We always get some peat moss that gets in the dishes and sticks to the eggs. We did have one entire clutch that seemed to die because of excess amounts of peat moss sticking to the eggs. My guess is that it was restricting osmosis through the egg wall. With the springtails, I would just give them a spay of water even a good puff of air and they should come right off. Good luck!
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