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Azureus breeder viv

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I've got two pairs of adult azureus that I am making a viv for. I want them to breed in the viv but I also want it to be a fairly well planted and look nice too. I have already built the stand for the viv, the dimensions of the tank will be 50w x 17d x 20h. Comes up to around 70-75 gallons total.

So my question is this: If I want my azureus to breed, is it best to divide the viv in half and put a pair in each side, or would it be better to not divide it and have both pairs in one 70-75 gallon viv?

I know that females usually eat each others eggs and are territorial, but would they be okay together in 70-75 gallons as long as there are 2 males and 5 or so huts? I thought that they might breed more if they were all in the same tank because the females would hear more calls and be more inclined to start courtship. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Personally, I've found that azureus breed best when kept as pairs. If nothing else, doing so eliminates a huge source of stress: other azureus. My pairs were extremely prolific when kept apart.

hope that helps!

I think I would divide the vive, a side for each pair. This way you can design two good size vive instead of one, and you solve the prob of stress.

Hey thanks for your help guys. I think I will put make it into 2 tanks, one for each pair. I ended up figuring out a way to make the divider an insert so that I can just take it out if I ever want to make it into one big viv.
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