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feeding them is not an issue, as they will take any live/raw meat you'll offer.
I gave mine fish (mainly gambusia affinis), grasshoppers, slugs, chicken breast, earthworms, tadpoles (of Bufo viridis - a native toad where I leave), and the huge and ugly larva of Scarabaeidae beetles I found in my lawn.

other then that, you should perform weekly water changes, and keep the filters clean - as you would do with tropical fish.

just one interesting note regarding feeding them with tadpoles:

the first time I had axolotls, i did not give them any tadpoles.
the axolotls lived, and died, as a water breathing creature, and did not transformed to an adult salamander.

the second time, I fed them alot of tadpoles, and the axo's transformed to the land dwelling, air breathing adult form.

I suspect it happened because they got the "adult transformation" hormons (I think it's called tiroxyn, or something like that) fron the tadpoles they ate.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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