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There is a place down the street, Ritter Orchids, ran by an old guy named Tom Ritter, he is great! I used to help out at his greenhouse when i was little tieing the orchids into the baskets etc. He gives me a bunch of free stuff also. Well anyways you all should shop there, he is a great guy, and may be loosing his land after so long, so it would help him out. Something about zoneing is making him loose it, he was there over 30 years to.

Today he gave me 2 free orchids as a gift, they are minatures. When they come to bloom i am gonna get ID from u guys. (he has a hard time talking so i couldnt understand him when he told me spec. and iddnt want to bother him.

Thanks Ryan

Heres his site (not much remember he is over 80 so not easy for him to do websites but he still has a ton of cool orchids. If you are in the orlando you should check him out some time.
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