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Automotive Tint or one way mirrors?

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Hey everyone, I just bought a 55 gallon tank and I am taking my sweet time planning this puppy out.

One of my biggest complaints is that the frogs dont like looking at my big noggin, and all I want to do is look at them. I am trying to figure out a way so that they cant see me but I can see them clearly.

I was wondering if anyone has tried automotive tint, and if that even allows you to see anything in the tank at all, or if anyone has tried one mirrors on the front so that the frogs cant see you.

Would these options ruin the amount of color and detail you could see?

Would a frog seeing his reflection in glass bother him?

I would just imagine I could see a lot more of what they are up to if they didnt know I was ever around.
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How long have you had the frogs? I LOOK at mine all the time and they don't even budge, a lot of the species I own are really bold though...what species of frog are u working with? It takes time but after having the frogs for a while, they should actually come out when your around because they relate that when ur around food is coming. At least that's what mine do. Good luck
Then that brings up another question that I have.

I actually have 5 yellow terribilis that are about 6 months old. I have had them for a month and a half. They will walk around just fine, and if I dont move fast they will stay out and about, but the second I go to open the door on the exoterra, they are quickly jump to hiding spots. I put the flies inthe middle and close the door and they will see them and come back out, but sometimes if one has jumped far enough away that he cant see the flies he doesnt come back to eat at all
your terribs will become VERY bold with age. i can open the tank and even put my hand down in the tank less than an inch from a frog and they dont care. ive always believed that they instinctually know they are the most poisonous animal on earth and are simply confident in their ability to kill, or at least harm any thing that decides to disturb it. when you have a defense system like terribs do, why be worried about predators?

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