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Ryan, I sent Glenn and Jo an email asking the same thing.... Glenn told me to email him and he would send out pics at the end of the week. I guess he wanted to get all the pumilio shipped first (which I can understand)

About half of the ones I received are G&B and the other half a mix of bronze with green spots. The are also a few really cool black with yellow spots.


5.5 Almirante pumilio
3.0 orange galacts
2.2 yellow galacts
2.3 panamian yellow spot auratus
0.3 panamian green spot auratus
2.5 green and black auratus
2.1 green & turquose auratus
1.2.5 azuerus
1.1 cobalts
1.1 dwarft cobalts
1.1 citronella
1.1 power blues
1.1 yellowback
2.2 red trivitatus
0.1 green trivitatus
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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