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Well Eric is a funny guy...he always wait a month and then asked me again about d. auratus morphs...he certainly is a auratusnutty :D .

About the auratus. Allmost all info is on my site in de auratus referenceguide. It was also almost clear what kind of morphs there are untill a shipment with wb-frogs that came in sometime ago. There were 4 new morphs and one of these morphs was very big. 3 of these morphs breed like crazy now and they are now less shy if you compare on the week that they came in...except the morph that looked like the 'sixspot' morph you called it in the states. I saw uuuh almost didn't saw the frogs at the breeder when he just had them and for two weeks ago I was there again and saw a lot of them. D. auratus is a frog which needs a lot of time to get less shy. My female auratus now sits on my hand if i want to but it took 4 years. After 2 years you should see them a lot hanging around in your tank and if I look at my Costa Rica auratus the female is always there even if i open(slide) the doors.
You have to think about 20 eggs when you think about crazy!! So it's clear that our offspring frogs produce less eggs than wc frogs. I personally think it's because the food...but about the morphs....
Costa Rica - There is a small difference between the east en west coast in colour by some people. I saw both frogs and i couldn't say there are some difference but more people say there is.

Then you have the birkhan-wasmann line. Both took frogs with them when the traveled back home, maybe that was alloud in that time (many years ago) and I just tell the story so don't flame me please. There should be a slightly difference in colour around the green dots.

Mountain auratus is a frog that should be found in higher area's and they will grow to a very big size.... size like a yellowbacktinc. Probably this morph was also by the shipment that came in here in europe. problem is that only this morph of the 4 doesn't breed yet (i was told). I have seen this mountainauratus at a breeder and he kept the frogs same temp as the other auratus and that's no problem.

Pastores/Sheppart morph are very different in colour..i saw them in the wild on this Island and they live between the pumilio's...great! See pics on my site
I also saw auratus at a place called's on the mainland of Panama at the coast not far from Pastores...they looked like a 'normal' auratus to me..size like the cr-morph and colour also.

Well I got more info but my fingers are getting tyred so it's not all tinc and pumilio Eric.....but I can't keep up with every morph :wink:
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