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auratus and variabalis together?

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Hi guys Im brand new to the forum and fairly new to frog keeping, though I've kept reef tanks for a long time so I am familiar with the level of care required to keep a healthy miniature ecosystem. Im actually breaking down an sps tank atm in order to start a 65 gallon pdf viv. I know that most froggers are against keeping diff species in the same viv. but I have read several testimonies of people keeping auratus and variabalis together in larger vivariums.

I would like to keep a pair of variablis and a pair of bronze auratus in the 65 gal. If this is a really bad idea please let me know. If I cant do this then I would be happy with 4 variabalis. I plan on getting mated pairs either way to minimize female-female or male-male aggression.

Am I way off base thinking I could mix the two species? I would keep them in 20L's in pairs but I have the tank already and I really want to do a larger viv. I know mixing morphs is really frowned upon in this hobby but I really want some different colors in the tank and I dont plan on selling juvs anyway so diluting the bloodlines isnt really a concern to me.

Please Please Please help me out here. This is going to be a long term project and I am in no rush to get the frogs. I am going to plant the viv. seed with springtails and wait until moss has covered the ghostwood and the tank is well cycled before adding frogs. I would really like to get some different colors in the tank whether its a mix of species or morphs. variabalisAt the end of the day all i care about is that the frogs are healthy and the vivarium does well, so if that means just keeping a single species then so be it.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to being a part of this community and this fascinating hobby!
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Looking at all the different huallaga variants and just how different they are, I would be willing to bet that there was some sort of human intervention that played a role there (i.e. a smuggler lost a crate of misc. frogs in the canyon). The fact that the variation applies not only to color but to pattern as well points to some kind of hybridization. But, if all pdf hobbyists are concerned with is protecting regional variation, and I can gaurantee that the frogs I get are from huallaga, then they are exactly what Im looking for

Thank you very much for bringing this strain to my attention... Theyre perfect for what I would like to do.

Btw I am an evolutionary anthropologist, which is why I find all this talk of lineage and variation so fascinating
i may have been unclear/, i believe some imitator 'intermedius' (a different locale) are grouped in those photos. as well as banded intermedius. (they would be the ones with black and yellow/orange only)

im not sure how much of the variation shown within the area is going to show up in the captive lines. you should try and talk to mark pepper (understory) and other keepers, and see, as i dont keep this locale(s), so i dont really know.

i doubt that human intervention had anything to do with the variation shown, but its an interesting theory. in the time that ive been in the hobby there have been plenty of rumors of human intervention (before export) none of which ive seen any proof of.

as the article states these are mimics (imitators ;)) of fantastica locales. some of which are identical to the untrained eye.

for instance heres the banded intermedius:

photo by jason brown

and R. summersi (part of the fantastica complex)

photo by evan twomey

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I'm going to echo what James says. It's probably not a good idea to mix. I'm not going to tell you that it can't be done. However, while reef tank skills will transfer some what, dart frogging _is_ different. I'm pretty confident that setting up a single species enclosure will provide plenty of challenges and rewards to keep you satisfied for years to come. And as far as variation, imitators _are_ awesome. Especially some of the variable imitators like the Veradero imitator and the huallaga imitator.... I wish you luck (and I'm incredibly grateful that you are willing to heed the advice of experienced froggers rather than becoming obstinate the way many of the mixing threads on this board end up).

I have a really nice 65gal viv with a pair of Almirante Pumilios, a three tincs, and an orange terribilis.
A mixed tank that doesn't even hit triple digits in size with a trio of one of the most aggressive pound-for-pound frogs in the hobby, a communal frog, and a pair of semi-arboreal frogs one third the size of the aggressive frog (which could really use all 65 gallons to themselves).... I can't imagine anything going wrong in this tank....
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