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In general, the rule to mixing is "If you have to ask, don't do it."
There are many things that can come about with a multispecies tank that are both harmful to the inhabitants of the tank and to the hobby in general.
While I don't have first hand experience with mixed tanks, but there's a load of information on here on why NOT to do it on here. Just use the search feature and look up "Mixing". It will only take you a few days to read all the threads! ahaha
I'm not trying to scare you off, just to help push you in the right direction. And just think about it. You'd get an excuse to set up two vivs!
Here are some good threads to look at:]Multispecies Reference Page]Recent thread on mixing] This thread has some good links in it

Dendroguy, I'm no expert, as I've only been In the hobby for a little under a year, so most of what I know isn't from personal experience. I would imagine that would be the same case for you too. So why you're openly advocating the mixing of species, something that CLEARLY carries a negative stigma in this hobby, is a little beyond me. Please, think about your advice before you give it. :)
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