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Bear in mind that the Gorilla Glue is near impossible to remove, so don't get it on places you might scrape off later. It can bond when slightly wet too, I believe (double-check).
If you have to do a tank tear-down b/c of a pathogen you will be doing it with the wood still glued to the glass.
Other reasons it might fall off is b/c the glue is only on the surface of the wood and as it ages and breaks down, the outer part is the first to go.
If you are careful with your clay background and reinforce the piece of wood with several inches of clay all around (I buried a third of a two-pound branch), it will stay up for you. You can't just stick it into two inches of clay and have it hold up for long.
Also, I've had my clay viv up since November and haven't had failure, but I also just hand mist every few days to give the time to build up enough structural integrity from the plants mounted on it. Clay fails are usually due to too much water too soon and also having the clay fully saturated and then applying it to the glass.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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