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Atelopus Q&A Thread

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I wanted to start a new thread rather than hijack a good thread. I would appreciate it if a mod could remove the posts that were a bit astray I contributed and insert them here. I would be very grateful, and I am sorry I didn't mean to derail the conversation or hijack.

Moving on to the real questions I have... If they are spotty in existence why should we be collecting them? I am in appreciation for the hesitancy to collect more frogs on behalf of the importers/exporters. I think there are a good many people that are skilled working with these rarities, and given good husbandry, time, and patience, we(as a hobby) will be able to succeed in a much more consistent way in breeding and simply providing. Maybe they are the next "Bumble Bee Toad"...

I am highly curious about these frogs, and would welcome any and all comments regarding these beautiful frogs.

(My son calls them "Dart Toads")

All my thanks!

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Not that it will really help out with regards to imports, but my experience with A. tricolor in the Andes of Southeastern Peru was that I never found adult males away from the breeding streams, and the females would wander much farther, possibly in avoidance of the males, who can be truly persistent when it comes to amplexus.

Oh and the tadpoles of A. tricolor would give even Ascaphus a run for it's money when it came to hanging on in fast flowing water.

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