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Arizona Tropicals | Vertical & Horizontal Kits

With summer coming, we are ramping up production on our 10G vertical kit as well as our latest kits to include our new 20G vertical, 20G and 10G horizontal kits and 5G horizontal kit. All kits include stainless steel hardware, our double pain lowers for vertical kits, glass appropriate hinges, vents, and all blacked out latches, bumpers and screw covers.

Check here for vertical kit details: Arizona Tropicals 10G Gallon Vert Vertical Kit

Our horizontal kits include many of the same features as our verticals and make excellent tops for various applications including tanks for larger terrestrial frogs, propagation tanks, culture tanks, temp tanks, morph tanks and the like.

An example of our 10G horizontal kit.

To help kick us off we are taking pre-orders at a reduced price on all of our kits. These kits will be shipped out in 10-14 business days as our bulk glass order comes in.

Sale prices:

20G Vertical w/ Vent $25.50

20G Horizontal w/ Vent $23.50

10G Vertical w/ Vent $19.50

10G Horizontal w/ Vent $17.50

5G Horizontal w/ Vent $15.50


Shipping is set at $14.95 for up to 10 kits and $19.95 for any amount over 10 kits ordered in bulk.


Payment will be accepted via PayPal at [email protected] or by check. If paying by check please contact us at [email protected] for a mailing address. Please do not pay through the website as it has not been updated to reflect the sale prices and shipping being offered through this add.

As always, please PM with any questions or email me directly at [email protected]

Thank you!


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That's the "true no-see-um" weave and not that "small square regular" screen, correct ?
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