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Catopsis Juncifolia
Philodendron Tenue
Monstera Siltepecana
Pilea Repens
Marcgravia Rectiflora
Philodendron Wend-Imbe
Ceropegia Woodii ("String of Hearts")

NEHERP - Vivarium Plant Processing Procedure (

I was going to follow the plant processing procedure above. I see Marcgravia spp. and Bromedliads (my Catopsis Juncifolia) require more sensitive processing? NEHERP recommends just processing those in water. Is that sufficient? Anyone have any different experiences with different bleach concentrations or what not?

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Be aware that prudent contact time guidelines for some pathogens are longer than recommended in the link you provided.

To reduce the risk of plant pests I personally use a high concentration and contact time (10% bleach solution for 10 minutes). This is because I had experiences with both planaria and slugs/snails and don't care to again. I've not had any problems with Marcgravia tolerating the procedure, nor any other viv plant I've used.
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