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Are there any good viv plants with colored flowers? besides orchids

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Hi All
I would love some pretty blooming colorful flowers in my vivarium, but I am not sure what is good for there - African Violets are pretty but I hear dont bloom long... Any other suggestions?
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Gesneriads, gesneriads, gesneriads.
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I love Episcias, especially my 'Silver Skies', it always seems to have bright red flowers on it. Another reliable bloomer seems to be my Begonia prismatocarpa, lots of tiny little yellow flowers.
Mini orchids are always fun. My hoya looks like it's about to bloom, as well (and after only 2 years!)
Gesneriads, gesneriads, gesneriads.
exactly what i would have said :)

and episcia is a gesneriad ;)

Apologies, I didn't read the title well enough. I'm still in love with mini orchids, though!

I've had some pretty interesting Uticularia in the past. They have tiny, tiny flowers and a lot of species make good groundcover.
Begonia 'Buttercup' is my favorite viv begonia. Cool leaf texture and a large (compared to other viv begonias) yellow flower w/small red streaks. Its not nearly as needy as some other tropical begonias and almost always in bloom.
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Gesneriads, gesneriads, gesneriads.
I especially like Columneas... mine flower all year, they love the humididy and there are several species (or hybrids?) with different colors. :)

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If they aren't too pedestrian for you, African violets are pretty and bloom frequently.
Ruellia makoyana--nice foliage and purple flowers!
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