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Hi! I found the thread on terrestial snails but I couldn't find one on aquatic. I just finished my 29 gallon for my two azureus. Everything in it is new with the exception of two pieces of cypress and some plants.

Some of the plants are from lowes but I also bought the wood, 2 plants and 1 aquatic plant from a terrarium supplier. The aquatic plant is pretty much dead but I did find some small grey things in it that have a skin and internal consistencey of a pea. I have no idea what they are.

So... my question is...does anyone know if they would need to be transported in water? They kind of look like ramshorn snails by the shape...they aren't apple snails. If it is the aquatic plant- then I will just yank it but I will have big probs if they can be transported on reg. plants!!Snails breed like MAD so they have to go!


Eve S.
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