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Anyone used grass seed?

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I was thinking of sprinkling some grass see in the terrarium to see how it grew. Maybe a putting green bentgrass: ... 17695.html

or maybe some Irish Moss seed: ... 16966.html

Has anyone tried this?
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If you plant grass you have to have a really small lawn mower for your tank.
I'd try it, but do you know how hard it is to get those lazy frogs to mow?
LOL.. The irish moss is a very low compact moss used for in between pavers that does bloom once a year with tiny white flowers. No need to trim.
Sounds Interesting, if you get around to trying it let us know how it goes.
Just ordered some moss seed. Cross your fingers. It says it likes moist well drained soil, full to partial light. Sowing instructions say to sprinkle on soil and keep moist until germination. Sounds perfect.
Please let me know how the moss works out. The bottom of my viv is all moss (from my yard) and with winter coming if I need to replace some I'm SOL.
Sorry I didn't respond quicker.
I have tried Irish moss in a tank before and it didn't last more than 2 months, however it was transplanted and not grown from seed.
I've had the same problem with transplanted moss, it didn't last more then two months. But I love the color and texture of it. I think I'll try the seed in a tank and see how it works too. I love that site, thanks for putting that up! :D

This place has been great for posting links to some wonderful sites I've never seen before to buy some really neat stuff.
There was a discussion about this a while back and i think it was decided that it doesn't survive. i cant find the exact one but here are some on the topic.
There was talk of it on a while back-- I think it was for a tiger salamander tank. I believe the person had success and enjoyed it.
I would say it all is going to depend on your lighting. If you are running typical flourescent fixtuers, I doubt it will survive. If you are running vho, ho, compact flourescent, or even metal halide, you will have a better chance of it surviving. Good luck, I have killed a couple pots of irish moss in terrariums. It looks nice before it dies though.

Would be interesting if we could get it growing. Would be nice to find something to grow from a seed like that as a ground cover.
Kyle, nice banner :wink:

So has anyone else tried the Seed? I'm tempted to try it for $9.
I ordered some. I send you some if you want. 5000 seeds is more than I'll ever use.

I am currently growing some Kyoto!?! moss right now and so far I have not seen a big growth rate. I have read that it takes anywhere from 6-8wks to get the spores to grow. So you want to be patient with moss. Also I have ready that you want to use spring or distilled water for the moss. The regular tap water usually has high levels of metals that are death to moss. Give it a shot and keep us posted
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