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So I was reading some forums about how to prevent escaping bugs, roaches, isos, etc etc. And they were talking about this PTFE (slip-a-bu) "Fluon" coating.

ANyone ever heard of this? Tried it?

Zardoz NOTwax® is a 100% pure liquid Teflon® Fluoropolymer
Zardoz NOTwax - The Science
If it's what i am thinking of (a whitish slimy material before dry, and get semi-chaulky when dry) then I used to use it on my roach bins, but preferred reg Vaseline

It seemed the roaches were able to navigate around (it tends not to go on plastic uniformly, and can leave small bare spots, and others shallowly covered) it, and found one, half way up the band i had painted, though I never saw an actual escape.

They were also hissers, so am unsure if their size played any part

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i used the liquid product for in between waxing on my snowboard and its pretty amazingly slippery stuff. I could see it preventing bugs from climbing up walls, etc.
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