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Anyone Ever See this?

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My Morphing Yellowback has its legs permanently stuck the cheerleader "russian pose" not exactly sure what to do with the little bugger...

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My guess would be a parental food nutritional problem or tadpole food nutritional problem or a combination of both. Poor little guy.

See how he reacts once he comes oow. Sometimes they are just feeling things out.
So, it might not be a permanent condition?
It doesn't look like it's bending at the knee at all...
My yellowbacks do seem to have an issue with their tads, some have Almost clear looking legs, others just seem weak and eventually are strong, and then there are some froglets that are just perfect, all my other tinc morphs are doing great? All get the same food, same vitamins, tads get tadpole bites, naturose, and tadpole tea from joshs...I've actually held this frog and tried to bed the legs and they bend fine... It's al
Like it just doesn't want to bend them
Sorry man. That's a good looking frog too. I agree with the above post about waiting for it to come out of the water. There's no hurry in putting it down. Sounds like a vitamin deficiency problem. Its hard to say though.
Sounds like maybe a genetic componant involved as you say your having other problems with the siblings.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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