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I'm looking at putting an order together for my 120g vivarium. I have done a little research, but was wondering what everyone on here thinks.
How's this look?

Dischidia species 'Geri' mounted
Cyanotis kewensis
Mikania ternata
Oxalis 'Silver and Gold'
Peperomia angulata
Peperomia sp Isabel
Pilea Moon Valley
Streptocarpella 'Concord Blue'
Neoregelia Sara Head
Aeschynanthus radicans
Bulbophyllum luederwaldtii
Bulbophyllum gracillimum

These are going to be ordered from Cloud Jungle...soon.
Thank you,

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I'd say you picked out some nice plants. My Streptocarpella 'Concord Blue' has been doing very well, and has bloomed multiple times under terrarium conditions. I love Peperomia angulata and think you will enjoy it as well. I don't have the Neo. Sara Head, but have been meaning to get some as it looks like a nice terrarium brom. Anyways, I think you choose some nice plants and think you'll be happy with what Harry sends you. Good luck with the new tank.
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