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Ok here are a couple points on the weldbond:

1. If mixed very soupy it will dry very hard almost rock like, if not it will be spungy and soak up water.

2. It needs much more than 48 hours to dry, more like 7+ days!

3. I do not have water running on mine, but I do have a seciton that has been touching water for over 3 months and it has not rehydrated. I have also heard of people having water flowing over it for a year or more with no issues. So it is a matter of application and allowing it to dry. The stuff can be used a concrete bonding agent so I doubt it would work well if it did not stand up to water.

4. 1:2 ratio of weldbond to water is what i have used, and it is working well. After that is mixed mix in the eco earth until it just starts to get lumpy.

5. I have found that using disposable plastic gloves also helps a ton when applying the mixture.

I can tell in my one tank places where I did not have it soupy enough as it is more spongy, but it is not breaking away. Silicon is much more of mess. I still like cork the best for my tanks, but have also had good luck with weldbond/eco earth mix. Another thing to note is that if you use eco-earth, you need to expand it and then dry it out first, if not it can not soak up the water weldbond mix and will not dry right. I let my eco earth dry for about a week spread out on a garbage bag in my basement before I used it. It is good to soak it in the weldbond water mix to so that it is good and soaked into the eco earth.

Maybe I will run a test, I will create a small fake wall and then run water over it in a bucket to test, but I think if it is applied right it will last a good time.

MBMcEwen said:
How many of you have the weldbond/coco background as a drip wall? I have just turned my pump on for the first time a few hours ago, and the glue mixture has gotten pretty soft. It is holding, and is not sticky at is just sort of spongy if you know what I mean. Is this normal, and more importantly, will it hold up???
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