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So I know before silicone people use to make fish tanks out of angle iron and secure glass to them with putty. I was wondering if people still do this with silicone?
I am asking because I am thinking of making a large tank (not anytime soon) about 50"(H) x 50"(L) x 24"(D). I want it to be very strong and able to move as I won't be staying in my current house forever. I thought if I made it out of welded angle iron I would be able to attach handles to the side to make it easier to pick up and move. It would also make it more resilient to moving and not break all the seals on the glass when it is picked up or inevitably banged against something.

I made a front opening tank in sketchup using 1/2" angle iron but I am not sure if it is strong enough. I calculated the weight of the empty tank and it should be around 220lbs. I'll post it later when I am back at home.

Anyone know what size angle iron they used for the old fish tanks?
Is there any reason people don't use angle iron anymore?
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