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What is the difference, if any?

I'd also be interested in knowing who breeds the orange vents. Thanks for any and all comments :D

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While genetically they may be very close, there are appearance and to me behavioral differences between them.

1st off, what is being correctly called D. amazonicus is from Peru, not French Guiana, the original WC's in the states are from a Peruvian shipment. Raising them as tads they develop their coloration differently than the "red vents" that came in from Europe,I beieve via John Uhern (correct me if I'm wrong), and I find them bolder and to have a slightly different call, but that could be from random variation, don't know. The Orange vents most of us got from Chuck Powell years ago, they were always called "Peruvian" vents, but now I think people are calling them "Orange Amazonicus". They are a beautiful, highly colored frog that's almost irridescent, and lots of color to black ratio, as does the red amazonicus.

It may be splitting hairs, but for all the talk of distinct lines, to say that these are the same frog seems to be contradictory to the tenent of keeping things distinct.

Todd and I breed all of the above, and these frogs go back many years. I can assure you they are outwardly different, albeit probably very similar genetically.

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