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I have been wanting to incorporate a PC fan into my tank for sometime. My hesitation was inpart because I am technically challenged, but I was really inspired by this thread and decided to go for it.

Although I took a different approach, it has been working well. Instead of trying to figure out how to add a PC fan to an already cramped viv top, I put this PC fan inside the viv - Product: Spot Cool

This fan comes with a 6 inch arm. A hole was drilled on the glass top to accomodate the diameter of the arm. This also allowed me to pull the fan power connecter through the hole. I then attached a metal collar clamp to the PC arm to keep the fan from falling through the hole. A rubber gasket keeps evaporation to come through the top.

The PC arm combined with the collar, allows me to raise or lower my fan as needed. To connect the power supply to the fan, a power suppply fan adapter was disasembled and modified to plug directly into the power supply. This way, no soldering was required. I used an enercell power supply to power the fan. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to the enercell but it cost $20. Hope these pics help clarify.

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