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How about welcoming in New Year with some air movement? :D

Just in: 12v Zoo Med Blower Fans.
They are so new they are not up on the website yet...
but I wanted to show them off, anyway!

Zoo Med makes them and they have a suction cup mount to stick to glass.
Or they could be mounted many other ways, too.

The cool thing is that you can use them with or without the adjustable outlet "snorkel".

If one was clever, ;), they could cut and glue fiberglass screening over the air inlet and outlet.
You could even smear/spread/paint-on the outside casing with gorilla glue and roll them in coco husk and moss bits to camouflage !!

12v and water/splash resistant.
This is because they are made to be hung on aquariums.
They are NOT Submersible, and they are NOT totally waterproof, so keep away from those in-tank water falls, water sprayers and mist nozzles.

They will be up on website soon, but you can order now through Paypal.

27.00 + 10.00 Prio Mail Shipping (37.00 total) to [email protected]

Start the New Year off right with some Fresh Air! :) .

The Zoo Med web-site has a mini- movie of one in use over an aquarium.
They can be used to blow air over lights to cool those hot fixtures, too.

Aqua Cool Aquarium Cooling Fan

Cheers and Best Wishes to All!
[email protected]

I guess-timate they do about 5 or 6 cu. ft per min. with the adjustable outlet in place.
And I guess-timate it is about 9 or 10 cu. ft. per min. with it off.
Air flow could be fine tuned more by restricting the outlet
It gives a constant gentle airflow...and has a quiet "squirrel cage" style blower fan inside.
I don't know about anyone else... but they were EXACTLY what I was looking for to use myself on my own set-ups.


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Just out of curiosity has anyone used these yet? I work at a Reptile Shop and we got them in last week. I was thinking of grabbing one to try it out but figured I'd ask the forum first.
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