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After the recent Star Wars disappointment, I've been trying to satisfy my appetite for an immersive, engaging film experience. I concluded my quest with The Shape of Water. It's still in theaters, and if you're at all interested in seeing it, it is, in my opinion, well worth paying the extra to do so on a large screen. Señor del Toro is nothing if not meticulous, and his treatment of cultural norms and their ills, use of color and movement, gesture and music, and appreciation for high risk mischief all strike an impressive balance in this film. I'm being as vague as I can to avoid spoilers, so please forgive me if this is excessively abstract. It's a delicate film, full of nuance, and gives a bold middle finger to certain elements of dominant American culture.

I also watched Crimson Peak, and though it's beautifully shot, the plot is threadbare, and it feels more like an obligatory homage to slasher films in Victorian settings. He has done much better with horror than this. I'm very fond of his work, so I was still able to enjoy it, if primarily for the scenery and costuming.

Yesterday took me to visit my brother, but alas, upon my arrival, I was turned away because the facility is under quarantine due to a virus circulating among the inmates. It would be most advantageous for families to have a place to check for that sort of thing, to avoid driving long distances unnecessarily.

As for my puppy, she's just over 5 months old, now, and is fully vaccinated and hasn't had any accidents in the house in a couple weeks. She weighed 26.7 lbs. at her vet visit yesterday, so I'm not expecting her to get much bigger. She's only gained roughly 2 lbs. since her last visit two or three weeks ago. Unless we see a second major growth spurt, I don't expect her to crack 40 lbs. So far, I've managed to save three of her puppy teeth, including one canine. When she first started teething, her prick ears went floppy, but they're standing up again. I was surprised to find that it's quite common during teething.

Our tiny hero has been busy growing and eating, and I'm thinking I should be seeing his back legs pretty soon. Also, I'm pleased to be able to share that my giant canyon mancae are more numerous, and there are at least a dozen or more juveniles that I've been able to easily count lately. Have I mentioned that I picked up some Porcellio silvestrii? They've only been here a short time, but I am eager to see babies. They're much bigger than I was expecting, which really delighted me when I first glimpsed them. They're nowhere near as large as the giant canyons, but they're at least 2-3 times the size of my powder blues. I only have two more spots for isopods, so my next two choices are going to have to be amazing selections.

What to do this weekend? There's a big storm coming. Does this mean it's time to go sledding again?
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