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with my Agalychnis annae breeding project, I am one step forward, but also one step back.

During the winter, I fed them less and I almost never misted. To prepaire them for breeding, I started to feed them heavily and misted in the evenings. About one week later, one female started to get fat. For the others it took a bit longer. At the end, they resembled almost more a plump Litoria caerulea than a slim Agalychnis.

Female and male:

After about 6 weeks of heavy feeding I put 3,2 specimens in a rainchamber and let it rain periodically in the afternoons and evenings with cold water (below 20C). According the articles of Christian Proy, A. annae spawns after a longer temperature drop.

After one or two nights, the males started to call and got dark nuptial pads and clamped the females.

In front a calling male, in the background a couple in amplexus:

After about one week, no eggs, even the couples stayed in amplexus for several days and nights (allegedly, most spawn in the third night). Since they started to get slimmer, esp. the males, I took them out of the rain chamber and fed them again heavily for about 10 days. Three days ago, I put them back in the rainchamber. This time, three couples. Again I used cold water. Since the holes in the PVC tube filled up a little bit, it didn't rain as heavily as in the first attempt.

To my pure joy, about 9.00 am this morning, after the second night of rain, I found the following (first only one clutch, the left one)

After one round with our dogs, at about 10.00 am, I checked them again and even found more eggs resp. one female was still spawning:

...who finds the failure in the above photo?

Correct: It's only one female which is spawning WITHOUT any male!!! Two couples are still in amplexus, but who has to spwan, the biggest female without a male. Even there is another single male in the tank - bloody bi##h!!!

After swaming, she is much slimmer:


I had a lot of missluck with my two "pregnant" Gastrotheca riobambae females (wich is a different story) and now this! *f###*

a very frustrated

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Oh that is so unfortunate!!! WOW I cant believe that. Although i would have never put NON GRAVID females in a breeding chamber with the males..totally would have put more males for that one female... I think that problem could have been avoided. BEST OF LUCK NEXT TIME! Beautiful guys you have though.... If you ever want to sell some let me know.
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