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I know I am still new to this forum. I am learning things along the way. After 5 years as a frog Keeper I still have tons to learn.

I just moved house from 1 apartment to a larger and to be honest better one. I have my 3 Azureus in a quarantine tank till I can get their big viv up and running again. I need to put in an order for ABG and some new misting heads and just a few bits and bobs to get it back to a nice and livable state.

I did have 4 frogs before the move. I sadly lost 1. I am quite sure that the stress of being in a shipping container for just a little too long is what did poor Velaris in. I did my best. Even dislocated my clavicle getting things from the store to get the quarantine up ASAP after arriving at the new place.

My 3 remaining frogs are living well and gobbling up their flies with vitamin powder when served. Plus with the move we are just a few miles closer to the store that carries the cultures when our supply runs low on flies.

I do have to name the next frog I get Dave after the gentlemen from Church that took me to the store so I could get the last few items to make the quarantine livable. I firmly believe that he saved the other 3 by helping me out that night.
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