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For the experience of it; I decided to bring my FBTs out to the greenhouse in Nov as the temps get down to ~ 55F at night, and daylight is 10 hours or less.

Just brought them in the house a little later than anticipated, end of April. I was waiting for Petco's $1 per gallon sale, so I could get them a 55 gallon tank.

So, in about a week of being in the house, my one female laid eggs. The water temp was 73 to 74 degrees and everyone hatched just fine. There were a small quantity of duds.

The tads are swimming around and all appear to be ok. I did have a turtle filter going, but the tadpoles found their way inside and could get sucked up into it. So, turned that off. The water started getting that yucky, bubbly look, so I added a small air stone. I was checking to see what other foods I might give them beside fish flake and ran across a post that indicated that aerators can cause SLS. ? How is that possible?

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the help!
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