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Hey all.

During lockdown last year I started a little outdoor frog pond and by December 2021, had my first resident arrive (striped Marsh Frog) who laid eggs.
Over the last months hundreds, I would say have more and left and am down to the last 100 or so.

I discovered one this morning randomly stuck swimming upside down on the surface of the water.

I've isolated it for now into a little container as unsure if it is sick?

I haven't done any water changes and I have a 12v pump in both ponds that the water and push it through those aquarium filter sponges and have had this for months now without an issue.
I clean the sponges regularly as they get quite filthy from all the muck at the bottom.

I have done a water test and pH seems fine as well.

Anything I should do?
Anything I can buy to make sure the water is top notch for these Little dudes. ?

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With your specific situation, I think the best thing to do is to put it back where it was and let things take their course. If you think it is suffering (I have no idea how to tell) then euthanizing it would be my choice. Not all animals will make it to adulthood, and if we interfere and force inferior stock back into the wild then in the future even fewer animals will make it.

With captive collections there is different reasoning, although I'm a proponent of weeding out questionable specimens from captive lines too.
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