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You must of talked to Sara and Melissa. They too have converted me from tree frogs to darts. If you have successfully kept red eyes and some of the more fussy tree frog species, darts shouldn't be too difficult.

A little more planning is involved in your tank design. I keep my tree frog tanks relatively simple with just bedding, potted plants, driftwood, and waterbowls. My dart tanks are heavily planted and more naturalistic with waterfalls and live moss. Try to look for pictures of other people's tanks to get a variety of ideas.

Another thing to remember with darts is that you are feeding them more often and you need a reliable source of fruit flies and other feeder food as well as the abilty to culture these foods. I think this is the worst part for people to convert too. Crickets are convenient and easy to come by. With fruit flies you should have several cultures going at once. I have probably 10-12 fruit fly cultures at any time to ensure that I always have enough food.

But the payoff is that you don't have to stay up until 2 AM to see your frogs! My red eyes don't come out until 2, but my darts and Mantellas are out during the day. I just got two more azureus from Sara and Melissa yesterday and I can't stop watching them. Setting uo these terrarium is so distratcing that everytime I walk by I have to look at them. Just do some reading and you should be fine.
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