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Yeah I am quite new.. and definately see what your talking about. I think it is because the hobby is expanding into new grounds and reaching (dare i say it) a younger (bigger, better, faster) generation. I see younger people picking up frogs at shows, asking me questions about my setups and immediately rushing out to buy a 29 and as many cans of spray foam and silicone and a pump as they can get their hands on (even though I only have one foam tank, and it was only that way because I bought it that way and dont have a single waterfall).
Every new person I have talked about the hobby, within the first 10 minutes of the conversation, a water fall comes up. I luckily research the crap out of a hobby before I get into it. I stumbled across this hobby by accident. I was wanting to build a paludarium with water feature etc. Started researching what I could keep in them. Realized there wasnt much. Researched some more. Led to dart frogs. Then my research focused on darts and their habitats. Led to dendroboard and here I am. I keep my rack simple but do have a larger display with some wood, clay background, and of course my fav frogs the leucs.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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