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I have both azureus adn a variety of mantella species (NOT TOGETHER). I know alot of people complain that the mantellas hide alot, but I have found that the way their tank is set up affects the visibility of the frogs. When I had them in sparsly planted quarentine tanks, they tended to bury partially in the substrate or hide under moss. Not that they have been moved to large (35-45 gallon) tanks I see them all of the time. My M. viridis are the most visible, but I see my aurantica and baroni pretty frequently as well (especially in the morning). The tanks are all HEAVILY planted, as in the plants are on the verge of crowding eachother out, and have natural rock waterfalls. I used large driftowwd pieces and rocks to create ledges for them. They especially like to dart in and out of the rock crevices in the waterfall.

The azureus are definaetly more visible, but they tend to stay in one area and beg for food all day, while the matellas are moving qaround different areas more. It all depends on what you find interesting. It is alot easier to find a fat bright blue frog, than a tiny greenish-brown one.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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