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About Us
For over 20 years now, we have had the pleasure in owning various animals throughout our lives. Whether it be a small animals to salt water fish, we have spent several years caring and breeding a broad range of animals. In the last year or so (2008) we have co-written a book called, "A Quick Guide to Dart Frogs", which should be out soon! This book is a comprehensive guide for beginners! In regards to our show we will cover several topics anywhere from new discoveries, news stories about animals, conservation, different reptiles, a whole lot about amphibians, possibly fish, tarantulas, exotic and feeder insects and various of other topics pertaining to animals (And all sorts of Unique to Average Pet Adoption and Rescue Groups and Organizations). Have ideas for a show or just want to drop us a line, please contact us at [email protected] :: Http:// :: Please scroll down to see more information on the new show website.

Show Notes
*** This show is for everyone, please refrain from using foul language on the air. Any language that would be considered borderline will be tolerated, but keep it to a minimum. We do not know who is listening, or what age group. Thank you. We will open our show chat room 10mins before the show. Anyone who does not know where that will be, it will be located in the area where the blogtalkradio player is and the button will be green. Please be respectful and just have fun. We do not require you to have a BTR account to chat with us, but this rule could go into effect if there are too many people being rude or disrespectful. Again, this is an everyone rated show and if we do have mature rated show then foul language will be tolerated. There will no advertising, selling, etc. during the show. We are here to learn and participate and most of all be respectful to our guest. We don't care if it is after the show, because it is after the show. Any problems must be resolved by you guys, but if there is problems that we have to solve, negative action will be taken. We do not want to do this, so please just respectful to each other. One last thing, if you like to have a question answered by one of our guests, while on the air, change your text to red so we can see it and hopefully we will be able to get to all of them on the air. The default color is black, so please keep it like that so we can get to your questions quickly that are in red (Thanks Candy for the suggestion on the questions). The hosts will be the only color differences due to the hosts share the same account, and that this will make it easier for you to know who you are talking to in the chat room. Thanks for being patient with us. Anyone who has questions and would like to talk to Michael or Merek, please email us at [email protected]. Please remember if you like the show to select the ****show reminder button**** so you don't miss out on our live show. Thanks again. (ALL SHOWS are rated PG-13 or otherwise noted.) ************************** ---------------> We will broadcast from here and and we will have our chat room at this site address. We have everything for this show there as well as the BTR player, a chat room, call in number and more. SO please visit to listen in live or you have the option to listen here. We will try this and if this doesn't work out for us then we will figure something else out. Please be patient when everything loads. If you just want to listen to show and not participate you have plenty of choices and sites to choose from. With BTR having growing pains we just want to help cut down on the number of problems and bandwith it takes to come here, until they can work stuff out. Thanks.<--------------- **************************

*Episode 7: We have a special guest but e had to make some arrangements for a new one, soooo please just come on by and take a listen! We have 2 people up for the job so it'll be a surprise to us who we have on! BUT there shall be a show!

6/14/2009 6:00 PM - TBA
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