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A new perspective in food and feeding...

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Today SouthEastern Fruit Flies is proud to give a different perspective in food and feeding...



(Photos pending...)

Let us at SouthEastern Fruit Flies know what you think!

SouthEastern Fruit Flies
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Just another question about supplementing, auto feeders, and how you use them. I figure this thread would be more appropriate to continue to ask questions than on your ad. Are these what you guys use all the time as a primary source for feeding or are the auto feeders more of a vacation thing? I'm still trying to wrap my head mentally around the idea/practicality of an auto feeder.

I don't want to pry or steal any secrets that you're unwilling to share (so don't feel obliged to answer anything if you don't want to), but from what it looks like in the picture, it's a 16 oz FF culture with a standard FF cloth lid and maybe one hole poked out? Then that hole is covered with some kind of tape (? kinda looks like yellow electrical tape in the pic) and depending on how much of the hole you leave uncovered dictates how many flies are likely to get out? Am I conceptually looking at this right?

By the way, if anyone else has experiences using these I'd be interested in reading those as well.
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We use a combination of Auto Feeders and feeding the rest one tank at a time. So to answer your question more directly, the Auto feeders can be used as a main source of feeding or used during a vacation. They can last up to 2 weeks, so if you have a good amount of tanks and cut down the time spent on feeding; the time really adds up on how much time you can save.

Your description of how the Auto Feeders are constructed are accurate. Some of the best ideas are not necessarily the most complex but rather simple :)

However, the Auto Feeders do need to be used a particular way. When in use: their cant be any form of misting system while they are in the tank, this prevents the culture from crashing from getting to wet.

Any other questions feel free to email me:
[email protected]
I would think the auto feeders should be opaque. I can imagine my frogs flicking at the flies thru the plastic till their sticky wears off.:D
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