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This is my first build. I'm a long time aquarium keeper and have also worked for a few years in petshops during my college years. I've also recently gotten some GS experience while sealing up our new house. I have a "Daddy" room now in our new house that I have my video games and two freshwater tanks. I've got one empty corner in the room so I bought a 44 gallon pentagon tank setup off of craigslist to fill the spot and fulfill my longtime dream of keeping dart frogs.

I'm planning on putting 3-4 leucs in the vivarium. I'm going to use a GS and silicone background with a eggcrate falsebottom, ABG, and leaf litter.

1. Because the 44 pentagon is 25" tall, I've been thinking of different ways to increase floor space. Is it better to slope the terrain from the front up to about 3/4 of the way up or is it better to use multiple tiers? If sloped, is it better to slope the media only, or to slope the underlying eggcrate too?

2. What would be a better choice in lighting? Using a 24" T5HO or using three of the mirrored Exoterra clamp type lights with CFLs? I like the idea of using three of the mirrored Exoterra lights because it would seem to give better coverage and it is actually a little cheaper.

3. I'm just getting started on the tank and gathering supplies. Since I'm going to quarantine the frogs anyway, I'm tempted to go ahead and order them along with plants and starter cultures. I'm afraid that in a month or so that the weather will be too bad until spring. Is this a really bad idea since I don't have cultures going yet? I really want to do the right thing and I'm patient but if it isn't too big of a deal I would go ahead and get them.

Thanks for any advice and have a Merry Thanksgiving!
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