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A few "DENDRO DAVE" modifications!!

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So I have been on the forum here for a little over half a year (I know, still a baby), and there have been a couple times where I have read of different things "dendro dave"was trying out. I decided to try a few. Instead of replying to the different original threads, I thought I would just make one here!

The first item is an in tank fan. Dave found this inexpensive fan that comes so you can plug it into a normal outlet even though it is a computer fan.

Red Sea Max Cooling Fan Kit

We talked about it in this thread

The sweet thing about it is that it isn't too powerful. I can leave it on through out the day and it doesn't hurt my humidity at all, it does take a little of the condensation off the front glass so that is nice. I have a fogger and I filled it up with fog and then turned the fan on and there is a nice current that is created. Here are 2 pictures to show that I attached it tothe ceiling

The second modification I made that I am way excited about is the fire flies. If you have clay background this is so easy to do. I will have them come on and stay on for about an hour at night. Here is a video of it:

Here is the original link to the thread about dendro daves fireflies:

I'm surprised more people haven't done the firefly thing. What do you guys think?
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Are the LED firefly lights kinda waterproof? I wouldn't want it to fry in my mister :eek:
They are outside lights, and I siliconed the front and back of each light.
anyone here from Dave recently? always enjoyed having that guy around
NICE! I checked online yesterday and a lowes 10 miles from me has 8 boxes of those in stock. I know where im going tomorrow morning! I miss Dave too, although I havent been on the site as much as I used to either.
I am alive...and glad to see I've inspired a few people :) Loving the firefly lights. My friends have the Viv I did them in, and I've got a couple sets laying around but haven't put them into my current vivs yet. I've still got my red galacts, superblues and azureus, but I've let the vivs turn into jungles so once again at some point I'll be doing a massive amount of remodeling. Got a new job bartending/barbacking so that has taken a lot of my time, sorry I haven't been around much. Haven't done any viv building in awhile...lots of stuff I want to do though so at some point I'll be back with new and better then ever vivs ;)
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Looks Awesome.
welcome back Dave :)
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