I am selling a custom build ~80 Gal vivarium and stand.

The dimensions of the enclosure are 22D X 36W x 24H.
It is made of 1/4" tempered glass (oops).

Additional Details:
The background is fade of foam and hides a ventilation shaft that removes air from the lower third of the tank and also features numerous cutouts for various utilities:
  • one was used for fog
  • one for a drip waterfall (I rarely used this, but built in the capability).
  • Drainage (pumps water up and out) - aqua lifter not included.
The "ceiling" of the vivarium is recessed into the canopy (in an attempt to make the top less noticeable) and the current background extends up beyond the height of the glass.

The canopy hides a large pair of LED garage lights, LED light bar, LED light strip (Govee smart LED). The glass top is drilled for a misting nozzle. Lighting is included, MistKing is not. 2 fans are installed: one on the exterior pulling air out, the other simply circulates air from within.

Includes 1 Male Tinc Azureus (Free w/ purchase; optional). Fly culture supplies included with frog (if desired).

The vivarium and stand come apart in 3 pieces: base, glass vivarium, and canopy. It is heavy. Local pickup required, I cannot deliver. I can assist with loading, but would need assistance.

Link to VF thread.