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75 gallon, ALMOST FINISHED!!!!

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Just thought I would put up a few pics of where I am at on my 75 gallon. It is a bit foggy still, but I think the pics turned out ok.

This is only one of the lights on it, the other should be finished soon :)
none of the plants on the ground are permanent yet either, and the water pump isn't in yet

right side

left side

i'll put more pics up soon when it is done
also, what do you all think would be a good species to keep in something like this???

Ed Parker
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Looks nice. Where are the plants from?

Nice tank Ed

Hey Ed,
Very nice tank. 75 Gallons is huge, what are you going to put in it? The picture is foggy as you mentioned, do you have a fogger up top? Those tillandsias will love you for it if thats the case. I have not had success with those. Are you planning on adding ground cover as well? If so, what were your choices?
Good Job!
Thanks for the comments.

The plants are from a few different places: Custom Ecos, a few local nurseries, and local hobbyist gave me the Fireballs.

I am not sure on what to put in it yet, I was thinking a group of 8 vents maybe, possibly Aurotaenia, maybe leucs, I just haven't decided yet. The ground cover is going in right now, just took a break from it. I am using coco bricks, then I will cover that with leaf litter, pillow moss, and java moss.

I have an ultrasonic humidifier that will be plumbed into it permanently as soon as I get it on a stand, I just had run it to get the plants moist as they had been dry for a day or so. More pics will be up soon, thanks again for the comments,

Ed Parker
its finished, hooray. All I need to do is add a bit of java moss, maybe some aquatic plants, and finish the light. Here is a pic of the final product though !!!!!!!!!!! (after how manymonths of planning and purchasing, hooray)

Tell me what you think now :) The background, if I haven't answered this yet, is Cork wall tiles. About 1/4 " thick, and 12" x 12". I haven't found them for sale for a long time, so if anyone sees them, let me know, I need to get some more. It works well for root attachments and what not.

Ed Parker

ps. still need some ideas on what to keep in this viv
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Now we're talking! I can't wait to see it grow in some...keep posting pics ever so often. By the way did you anchor/pin the creeping fig onto the wall?
Hey Ed!! Great pictues and nice set-up!

Since the size <tank> is large, and there are both terristrial and aboral areas, it my be a canididate for a multi-species enclosure. As long as both frogs like similar humidity and temp, might be worth trying. I'm thinking specifically about your vents and maybe a mantella species...just a thought.

Keep us posted on what you end using.
Mantellaprince20 said:
I haven't found them for sale for a long time, so if anyone sees them, let me know, I need to get some more. It works well for root attachments and what not.
i bought a pack at some craft store, hobby lobby i think (though i'm unsure how regional that store is) anyways, check craft stores.
Looks GREAT I like the water feature! Thanks for sharing.
Dmartin, I used stainless staples to attach the fig too the back ground. I will remove them once it is attached.

Rob, thanks, but you know I am not into mixing species. THe only way I would feel ok about is costa rican or panamanian auratus with pumilio, but not so comfortable with that still. It would be a cool idae though, i am just not that brave.

Huhet, thanks for the advice. I have checked out craftstores before, but they don't carry the kind I used. Their stuff is more like cork sawdust smashed together, this stuff I used is more of cork chips smashed together.

Ed Parker
Office supply store would be another place to check.
I also believe Lowe's has it for sale in long rolls for making your own corkboards. I used the stuff in my 10gallon quarantine tank and it works great. I bought a 12hx36l roll and just cut it up! Looks alright and was only like $6 and change.
so this isn't like what you have there?
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