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70x50x65cm Vivarium Build.

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I wanted to share the first vivarium I scaped in a rack system that contains 4x 70x50x65. I already finished and planted 2 out of the 4 tanks in total and have not yet started to work on the other 2. That is probably something I will start next year..

In this topic I wanted to focus on the first vivarium that I planted in May this year. Some plants and most moss came in later, so everything still needs some time to grow. But we all know a vivarium is always a constant work in progress right?

The Idea for the first vivarium was to make a clean, colorfull 'showtank styled' vivarium suited for large Oophaga. This is the montly proces and result so far :

April :

May :

June :

July :

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Great looking viv. What do you plan to put in there? And what kind of marcgravia is that on the background?
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